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How do you go about finding the lengths of each side.

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While the title character of Othello is treated like a war hero, it is also clear that the characters reduce him to stereotypes based on race, referring to him as a “devil,” a “black ram,” and a “Barbary horse,” amongst other things. What does the play so far suggest about early modern views of racial difference and racial stereotypes? How is Desdemona treated and what are we to make of the gender dynamics between her and the male characters? Are Iago’s jealousy and machinations tinged with racism?

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If I could please get someone to help out filling this form 1040. I attached a file that has all the information needed. Thanks

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(1) A gas is contained in a tank at T°C and P kPa, and the volume of the tank is V m3
. Calculate the mass of the gas (in kg) assuming that the gas is a perfect gas and that its molecular weight is MWkg/kmol. The universal gas constant is 8.314 J/(K·mol). Round your answer to the nearest tenth (for example, 10.12 becomes 10.1)

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Hey, I am kinda lost in chemistry, and would like a tutor pls.

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implement closh (Clone Shell), a simple shell-like program designed to run multiple copies of a program at once


I attached an image of the problem below.

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