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About Us
Our mission is to help level the educational playing field. We first started out with a free database of student-written articles to guide students through their educational journey. But students indicated they need more.
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Our Marketplace
So, to give students the extra personalized help they needed, we created a marketplace to connect students to freelancers, often students themselves. This allows us to provide a level of relevance and affordability never seen before.
These are posted by Freelancers who offer tutoring, homework help, notes, study guides, and more. Students then have access to filter and search through Jobs to place an order.
These are posted by Students when they can't find a Job that meets their needs. Interested Freelancers will then send custom offers to the Student for completing the work.
Custom Offers
These are sent by the Freelancer through the chat page with a Student or in response to a Request. They are offers to complete work per the requirements of the Student, who can accept the Custom Offer to create an order.

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